How a Website can Help You

People search for goods and services everyday on the web. Why shouldn’t they find you? A website lets people know what you can do for them, and how you can help them best. Valued customers seeing their favorite restaurant’s menu online allows them to know the daily special that would go best with their meal for the day. A website allows your customers to see how you’ve been helping the community. It even let’s them know what that community thinks of you.
Maybe you don’t need a new website. Maybe all that is missing is being able to view your website on a mobile device comfortably. We make it a priority to design mobile first, going from the smallest screen to the TV, you will feel pride in your website once again!

What to Expect

The Inital Meeting

Meeting to discuss your new website is essential. Besides getting to meet who will be working on your website, you will also talk about what you expect your website to look like and what the end goal of this project is.

Designing a Mockup

Before too much work is put into the actual creation of the website, a goal should be set for the final look of the website. Using Adobe XD, we will create a mockup so that you have an idea of what the final product will be. During this time, email communication will be common to make sure that you're happy with the progress of the design.

What Comes Next

This phase is to make sure that your website will be appealing to anyone on any browser. With the prevelance of mobile devices having a truly responsive website is crucial. We do our best to ensure a fluid transition between devices for anyone looking at your website.

How much will it cost?

Don't worry about breaking the bank just to get a new website. The base charge is $499.97 and that includes adding any images, text, or changes made to the website. If you'd like to know more, you can check here for more information.
Don't worry about paying for changes after the website is complete. For 90 days, all changes needed to be made to the website are free. If it's a big problem, no matter how long it's been we will make the necssary changes.

About Us

Sindri Websites was started to help bring local businesses onto the web with updated, responsive websites, that get the customer the information they need. We strive to create unique websites for your unique business. With no two businesses being the same, you should stand out as much as your shop does.